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STATE CHAMPIONS!!! [10 Nov 2005|09:30pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]



We competed against the top 3 schools from various counties.. there were 14 schools total.

This is our first year in the statewide competition because we are now reckognized as a sport!!

So we went to the competition in hopes of beating Atholton to prove that we should have won Counties... then we made a goal that we want to place... until we found out that they were only giving out first and second place! So we REALLY hoped for second place because we knew that this one school (North County) was really good and that they've gotten first for the longest time... they also had a male cheerleader that tumbled and danced well.

So we go out and do our thing!
Then awards ceremony!
So we all gather and we link hands and pray for second place...

the announcer comes on and says "in second place with a score of 225.5... a score of 225.5... NORTH COUNTY!"

so we got REALLY depressed because we figured if the best school got second place... then some AMAZING squad must have gotten first and there was no way it could be us. We stopped linking hands.. and then Kristie turned to me and said "we might as well hold hands just for the heck of it..."

and then i said "alright.. but it just shows that we were hoping to get first..."

the announcer came on and said "in first place....... *insert dramatic pause* RIVER HILL!"

WE ALL FLIPPED OUT! There was NO way that we expected to get FIRST! WHAT WHAT??? THERE WAS NO FREAKING WAY!!

we all just were shocked... we didnt know what to do!!

THE BEST PART is that we won fair and square too! Cause neither us nor North County got deductions for unsportsmanlike conduct or stuff like that... and we by 7 points because we did 7 points better!!!!

it feels great!

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CLICK FIVE!! [21 Sep 2005|12:09am]



I AM NOW TOTALLY IN LOVE WITH JOEY ZEHR!! OMGGG When i was meeting the band... i was going down the line... ben was nice and he's a lefty... then Joe, eh he just signed my shirts and moved on... ethan was cool... he used his hand to write things on and pysically HANDED you the shirts... Eric said Hi and took his time making stars around his name... then it was JOEY! THE COOLEST MOST AWESOME PERSON! he was smiling A LOT!

My encounter with joey ( i can't remember it all... i was in shock)

*handed my shirt*
Joey: Whats ur name?
Me: Kristina with a K
Joey: mmmkay here u go
*handing another shirt*
Me: this one's for my sis, Katherine with a K-KATHERINE
Joey: cool
*then i just kinda stood there waiting for sheena to get done with Eric*
Joey: *sticks hand out* I'm Joey by the way
Me: hi! i'm Kristina ... yeah
Joey: So whats up?
Me: Eh nothing
Joey: well tell ur sister i said Hi!
Me: THANKS! i mean! er yeah i will!!

LOL i feel like such a freaking dork but u know what.. he doesnt care nor remember it, therefore I shouldnt care or think about it!! HEHE!

OMFG but they were soooo awesome!!
i had sooo much effing fun!
and i got my shirt signed by all of them!! I LOVE THEM!!
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Varsity Cheer OHHHHH FIVE! [03 Sep 2005|08:22am]
Yeah baby thats right! VArSiTy ChEeR oHh FiVe!!

I can't believe my coach only took two juniors, jeez... me and kim N. I'm actually REALLY mad about it, and i'm going to get more juniors on the squad... she shouldnt have made them so tough
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MY BIRTHDAY!! [31 Jul 2005|11:02pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

WOHOOO its my birthday!
finally 16.

so i had liz over last night and we watched White Noise and White Chicks... it was so funny cause after White Noise we walked around my bathroom and into my room and she hit the dresser with the door and looked around and SPAZZED out like no other. She got so scared at nothing.. it was hilarious. her face was priceless... then i went over and renacted the whole thing and i was like... we're you scared of this... and i pointed at the vaccum cleaner and she looked and SPAZZED out again! hahahah!!!

Then we were looking at our tummy's and i was like "squeez it" and then she squeezed my stomach.. i was like "NOT MINE! i meant flex your stomach muscles!" haha it was soooooo funny

we had a great time.

we didnt get to go to sleep until 4ish cause my little sister's friend wanted to go home at 3 am *sigh...

then went to the movies with Liz and Joe and family this afternoon...
and then dinner with my family at Macaroni grill...

lets see what i got

I got awesome new bose speakers from my dad (the technology side)

they soound sooooooooooooooo awesome its CRAZYY!! My whole house shakes when i turn it up. You can feel the whole main floor shaking when i only have it barely halfway turned up! when i play josh... it sounds like i'm actually at a concert!!!!!

I'm going to get a Friends of Josh Groban membership sometime this week
anddd the josh groban wristbands! hehe

and from my mom, i got a new Coach purse and wallet (the girly side)!!
yaaayyy i love it!!!! umm lemme find them on ebay... ahh here they are

PURSE: http://cgi.ebay.com/COACH-SOHO-TWILL-STRIPE-POCKET-FLAP-258-1886_W0QQitemZ6789019233QQcategoryZ63852QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem#ebayphotohosting
WALLET: http://cgi.ebay.com/COACH-SOHO-TWILL-WALLET-FS-6533-STRIPE-MATCH-TOTE-PURSE_W0QQitemZ6789596350QQcategoryZ63852QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

and from one of my uncle's i got a $100 check

and i still have more to come next weekend from my grandparents and other uncle at my family bbq for my b-day.

wooo hoooo!

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hershey and hair cut [15 May 2005|07:13pm]
[mood| Relieved ]

Yesterday i got up at 6:30 and we left for Hershey park...

it was a lot of fun and my feet are starting to get tan so its all even-ing out. lol

and today i woke up at 12, and went to my hair oppointment.

i got a hair cut and it looks fine thank god


and thats pretty much my day.
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twenty things stolen from emily [18 Sep 2004|07:39pm]
[ mood | amused ]

this is the 20 things thing i stole from emily.. where i write 20 notes about people and like i dont tell u who is which number!! hehhehehe

1. Ur an awesome buddy... and even tho u embarass me riiight in front of someone i like.. you're still one of my closest buds!
2. I hope we can survive govt together!! I think we will tho cause we're good buds and you're a great person and w/out each other we wouldnt last in govt. heheh
3. You need to learn how to dance, and i must teach you. Thanks for being there for me this whole time!
4. You're the most awesomest person evverrr! I hope we get to be best buds for life cause I <33 u so much!! Even though we're on two different sides, I'll always be there for ya and i hope u will too.
5. u suck. u really do. u need to learn how to dance cause doing the whole fish out of water and chicken head bobbing thing does not work for u.. at all..
6. Heart
7. Alright. I'm not sure how to say this. but uhhh... I really really really like you... so much. yeah ... i just do. and i'm sorry i'm boring.
8. Ur a great person and i love u cause of that. You're fun to hang around, in school and outside.
9. You've been a friend for the longest time. and even tho we seem to be drifting apart a little... i still want us to be able to trust each other and talk to each other like we used to.
10. Honestly, you're a little edgy on the sides and i'm not sure if you're someone i can trust, but i try to, but then you go and do something that makes me not want to trust you anymore. Its tough, i know.
11. Its great having you as a friend cause we can share problems with each other and yet not get too involved in each others lives... lol.. that sounds strange lol
12. you're weird.. and well yeah weird.. but you're pretty cool in the end
13. You're really nice and it was nice getting to hang out with you and your fam for the day...
14. " " same as above cause you and number 13 are related lol
15. yes things at the dance were a little awkward... still think you're a cool person though!
16. We've become a little distant over the year but its cool tho cause we still talk to each other and stuff....
17. "are our cookies supposed to go through to cooling rack?" Yeah you're a really cool kiddo... and u like Harry men... hehe
18. Yeah i hope we get to be closer friends in the end....
19. I liked u for 4 years hahahah
20. I still kinda like you.. but not really

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We Are The Hawks, The Best Of The Best! [02 Sep 2004|06:59pm]
Yup u heard it, We are the hawks, the best of the best!!

Today was a good day!

Practice was really good!! Lorren wasnt there today so i flew with the best group.. and Ms. Petit fell in love with my flying. she was like "you havve the best cradle out of everyone here!" and she wouldnt stop praising me.. lol i didnt believe her.. so i asked whats the big deal and everyone said "you're form is so perfect and you look sooo good doing it!" i was so shocked.. Then Ms. Petit was like "okay, kristina is flying no matter what, we have to have her fly! Even if i have to switch the groups all around, kristina is going to fly!"

now i'm just so happy!

Tomorrow we have to wear our uniforms and i'm actually really excited about it!! Then we're going to kill Atholton at 3:30 u know it!
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School Tomorrow!! [29 Aug 2004|09:52am]
YAY! i"m soooooo excited about school tomorrow! Then our first Fball game is on Friday! Ack! We haven't had many practices either!! We know maybe 10 cheers... and i know thats not going to last us a whole game!

Well the game is at Atholton... and i know that they've got some horrible people on their squad.

WEll i've gotta go last minute shopping today cause i went shopping on Wed. but i only bought 1 shirt ack!

Yea so excited about school tomorrrow.
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WHATT!??? [23 Aug 2004|08:18pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]


thats not cool!! How could they screw up! i'd say too bad, they suspended those judges, whats done is done! Poor paul would have to share his gold with someone else!! that would suckkkk so much!!


watch more gymnastics tonight..

*sniff* michael phelps is done swimming in Olympics this year *sniffles*

I <3 michael

I personalized him on my phone! i have his piccies as a wallpaper and screensaver on my phone and i've got like 5 others in my pictures folder

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Michael Phelps and Paul Hamm rock! [19 Aug 2004|12:17am]
[ mood | dorky ]

WOW! i'm so proud of Paul!! 1st american olympic gymnast to win all around gold!! i'm so proud of him!!

it was amazing, he went from a hUGE fall off vault which landed him in 12th place, then rocketed all the way up to 1st in just 2 events! it was so awesome!!!


omg this is a new obsession.. he's so oooooo hott!!!!! ahhhhhhh!!


Gosh isnt he just the hottest thing that ever touched down on earth!!!??

God i just love his smile... he's so cutee..... awww

what else is awesome, is that he lives in Catonsville *grin*


So proud of Hamm:
read all about...its an amazing comeback.. great story!



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6 words.... [17 Aug 2004|11:02pm]
[ mood | ditzy ]

MICHAEL PHELPS IS SO FRICKEN HOTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!! OMG i could go on for hours... so hot.. so hott!! anyone with an olympic record, a world record, AND olympic medals (esp GOLD!) are REALLLY HOTTT!!! BUT WHATS BETTER IS THAT HE IS!!! HOTT!!! WOW SO HOTT!!!!! OMG HOTT!!! Ack! HOTT!!! I CAN't STOP!!! HES SO HOTT!!!

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Pack then snap? [09 Aug 2004|10:35pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]

Okay so i'm packing for cheerleading camp starting tomorrow! i'll be back on Thursday though.

Well, the thought of being around cheerleaders for 42 full hours is really... AAACCK! LOL well yea, maybe i'll get used to it..

Well anyways, i'm packing and dancing at the same time, then my ankle gives way and i collapse to the ground with a loud snap, crackle, pop coming from my ankle, then its throbbing. so now i have it taped up, i just hope its not sprained cause then i can't tumble!! but i'm thinking that maybe my shoe will make a good ankle brace and also i might be able to purchase an ankle brace while i'm there... *sigh* this is annoying

yea, well wish me luck! ctc anytime!

12 hours of training on Wed!

oh yea i bought the Usher cd today! ROCK ON!

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1 day! [30 Jul 2004|10:51am]
[ mood | crazy ]


YUP! MY QUINCENERA!!! DEFINATELY NOT DOING ONE OF THOSE HUGE PARTIES THOUGH ROFL! but yea i'm gonna have a party in Sept. cause all my close friends are currently out of the country *cough* lol

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BACCCCKKKK! [16 Jul 2004|08:21pm]
[ mood | lazy ]

YAY! Got home at around 2:45 this afternoon! i'm so happy to be back. I came home to an empty house this year for the first time. My uncle moved out while we were gone and my cat is gone. But the good thing is that now i'll be moving into the basement where my uncle's old room was! i'm getting a mural done in my room and its like underwater and fun stuff. It'll be tiight.

Oc was fun. Got a little bored after a while so I was glad to return home. I just finished HP 5! It was cool. Yea poor Harry... i feel bad for him. we went to assateague island this year! we saw the horses! there was one right near the road and with the big camera lenz we got really good pics of this one horse. I think he was herdless well because the stallions fight for herd/ territory and he prolly lost cause there were no horses around it. oh the beach on A.I. was GORGEOUS! cept it was realily good to swim in cause we had little kids and the waves were HUGE and the beach got deep really fast. My cousin lost her shoe and went runing in after it on the beach. it was so funny but scary cause this wave came up right behind her and my mom was like "RUNN!" and she saw the wave and freaked. Lol.. she almost started crying cause she lost her shoe. Then some man went and rescued it for her lol.

Lets seee.. what else did we dooo.. oh yea we went to the beach.. pretty nice and fun. I actually burned this year! oucccch... lol.. we went on the boardwalk around 11 one night to get some soft-serve ice cream. Lotta sluts out there then.

We didnt really do a lot.. but i guess we had fun. I was so anxious to come home though. lol... alright byebye

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it hurts so much [30 Jun 2004|06:50pm]
[ mood | hurt ]

she's gone.. she just left.. i want her back already

i loved her so much. i want her now.. i wish i could stop crying but i can't.. it hurts so much... i want her back... noww... i really do... i can't breathe.. it hurts.. i can't type... i wnat her now.. i dont want her to be gone for real.. i keep thinking this is just a dream.. but its not and i cry even more.. now i've got a headache and it hurts and i can't breathe or think... i just want her back...

it hurts so much.. it hurts.. why can't i have her back? its not fair... my mom started crying cause ashie was freaking out in the carrier.. she didnt wanna leave.. i know she didnt.. she wanted to stay.. at home.. here... where she belongs.. where she's supposed to be

i hate my parents
its their anniversary and they get rid of my cat...


i dont want her to leave..

she's gone

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*sigh* [30 Jun 2004|04:04pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

this isnt fair.. 3 hours. I dont know what to do. what if i break down right in front of the lady? I duno if i can hold in my tears. I almost started crying at my neighbors house asking if i can borrow a crate. GOD I HATE MY PARENTS! they promised me that we would take her to Ocean City this year... its not fair! And they say we need to get rid of her because my uncle is moving out.. how mean is that? i'm punished because my uncle is moving?

GOD this isnt fair! i want to keep my cat! i couldnt even look at my cat without crying.. she doesnt even know she's leaving me forever... my mom's like "i'm sorrry" yea right.. she's prolly really happy to get rid of Ashley... god i wanted to keep her forever... its not fair...

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I hate life so much... [30 Jun 2004|12:23pm]
[ mood | hurt ]

its not fair! I hate it so fricken much! WHY?

My parents are giving my cat away tonight. Why would they do something so mean to me? i've had her since she was 6 weeks old. How could they expect me to just give her up? She's just 2 years old.. thats the longest we've ever had a pet. I always thought she'd be the pet i'd have until she died of old age. But i guess not.

I'm like getting ready to go to the pool and all.. when my dad calls me and says "i need you to make a list of all the things the cat likes cause we're giving her away tonight" I just broke down. I love my kitty so much. I dont wanna give her away. How could my dad expect me to write a list of everything my cat does.. it'll just make me hurt more. I dont want to go to the pool anymore. but i think i have to considering i promised my cousin...

They dont know what its like to get all of your pets taken away from you. They just dont know. and i've had over 7 pets. Its just not worth having a pet anymore. It just means it's one more thing that will get taken away from you.

i dont know what else to say... sheesh i've been crying for a really long time now.

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1 Day down... a lot left to go. [21 Jun 2004|03:42pm]
I finished my first day of babysitting my cousin. it went well.. she's so cute and loves to play. so its all good....


still bored.. call if you wanna do anything.
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[18 Jun 2004|06:41pm]
[ mood | bored ]

YAY i ate dinner today! lol i had panera.. it was really really yummy!


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[17 Jun 2004|09:06pm]

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